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Welcome to Anise, a family owned and operated boutique hotel. As one of the more established hotels in Phnom Penh with a reputation for service the old-fashioned way, the Anise Hotel is a hub for independent travelers, artists, researchers, journalists, NGO consultants and business visitors who return as friends year after year and affectionately call it “their home in Phnom Penh.”

With only 18 guestrooms and an exceptionally professional and dedicated English-speaking staff to care for all your needs, let yourself be transported by the warmth of true Khmer hospitality while enjoying the comfort of modern amenities.

Located steps away from the Independence Monument and Wat Langka—one of Phnom Penh’s oldest pagodas, you get to experience both the Old and the New Phnom Penh. From the verdant terrace of Anise Restaurant, you can watch saffron-robed monks from Wat Langka go for alms in the quiet of the morning. If you wish for a taste of the new Phnom Penh, you don’t need to go far either. Anise Hotel also sits on the corner of popular Street 278, with its numerous restaurants, bars, shops and spas, as well as a brand new state-of-the-art gym (including a quasi-Olympic size swimming pool). Anise Hotel is also within walking distance or a short tuk-tuk ride to the riverside, the Royal Palace, museums and markets.

Social engagement and responsibility is an integral part of the business practice of Anise Hotel and Restaurant. Through your stay at the hotel and your patronage of its restaurant, you help us care for our community and empower the lives of those in need. Anise has chosen to be involved in various ways:
We are a strong supporter of, and work closely with, Friends/Mith Samlanh, an established local NGO caring for Phnom Penh’s street children. For one year, we have donated 10% of our restaurant profit to Friends/Mith Samlanh to help them purchase their main center in Phnom Penh. Today, we continue our support with donations, the selling of their award-winning cookbooks and the active promotion of their 2 training restaurants Friends and Romdeng.
Do you want to participate in helping this great organization? Please speak to our front desk to find out how.

Protecting the welfare of children in partnership with ChildSafe. Our staff receives regular training from the Childsafe program.
Promoting locally made products, and whenever possible we choose to buy local and organically grown produce for the Anise Restaurant.
Safeguarding our environment and natural resources by implementing to the best of our ability environment-friendly practices and encouraging all involved to recycle and be mindful of water and energy conservation.
Empowering the lives of our staff and their families by providing job training, sponsoring academic studies, offering them superior compensation and the possibility of upward mobility.